Uninstall Internet Explorer and choose which browser you want to use!

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer FOR GOOD!

Many people have been asking us exactly how to uninstall Internet Explorer, this is something that should be fairly simple but more often than not it isn’t as Microsoft has tried very hard to make sure you keep Internet Explorer alive for as long as possible.

I don’t know about you, but I have had just about enough of Internet Explorer, it drives me up the wall!

I am forever getting error messages, half of the websites I go on don’t display correctly, it is, to be honest, a shambles.

If like me and about 98% other internet users and you have changed over to something better like Google chrome (can be downloaded here), Mozilla Firefox (can be downloaded here) or one of the others then good for you, if not then I strongly suggest you follow suit and rid the world wide web of internet explorer forever!

Personally, I didn’t want it taking up space on my hard drive when I know I’m not going to use it again, I just wanted to uninstall Internet Explorer and I assume as you are reading this that you feel the same way too.

Well here is our method to completely removing Internet Explorer from your machine.

For Windows 7 Users

  1. Click Start
  2. Next Click Control Panel
  3. Then Select Programs and Features
  4. You will then see an option named “Turn Windows features on or off”
  5. This will present you with a list of options with checkboxes next to them, simply find internet explorer in the list and uncheck it.
  6. If you get a warning message it is fine to click “YES” and proceed onwards.
  7. Your computer will restart after you uninstall Internet Explorer and the process is complete.

If you don’t use Windows 7 you will need to take a slightly different route.

For Windows Vista users

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Select Uninstall a Program.
  4. Once all of your installed programs are listed, find Internet Explorer and double-click it.
  5. In the uninstall an update dialogue box, click Yes.
  6. Continue the process as instructed on the screen to begin the uninstall.
  7. Finally, restart your computer to fully uninstall Internet Explorer.

For Windows XP users

Steps 1 & 2 are the same as for Vista users

  1. Select “Add & Remove Programs”
  2. Once your list is populated with your installed items, locate Internet Explorer and click “Remove”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Internet Explorer
  4. Once finished restart your computer to fully uninstall Internet Explorer

There you have it, you can finally uninstall Internet Explorer forever and get on with enjoying your internet browsing experience.

If you encounter any trouble along the way there are a few other things you can try.

  1. Close all programs you have open just in case any of them are conflicting with the removal of Internet Explorer
  2. Make sure you have Administrator privileges which allow you to install/uninstall programs.
  3. If all else fails Click “Start” then “Run” in the box the opens type “cmd.exe” this will open the command prompt, then copy and paste this command (%windir%\ie8\spuninst\spuninst.exe) into the command prompt and press “enter” this will open the uninstall module for internet explorer should you be unable to access it any other way.

If you have tried everything written here and are STILL having problems you are welcome to ask questions in the section below this article and we will endeavour to answer as soon as we can.

Uninstall Internet Explorer Permanently - The Easy Way
Article Name
Uninstall Internet Explorer Permanently - The Easy Way
Many people have been asking, how to uninstall Internet Explorer from their systems, so we have brought you a nice and easy guide on how to do just that