PC gamer but strapped for cash? Check out the ASUS GeForce GTX 560 Ti

A quick review of the GeForce 560 ti graphics card…

Ok so the GeForce 560 ti, this is one of those products which occupys a grey area in the computer gaming world, this is because it is a product offering “high performance” but at an affordable cost. These two phrases rarely go hand in hand as there is almost always a trade off where one or the other becomes sacrificed. However the GeForce 560 ti may be a refreshing change in this area.

With a product like this we find that it is often a better all round experience to go in with low expectations and if you are lucky you will have those expectations surpassed.

The first thing you will notice with the GeForce 560 ti is that is it quite a large card, and can dependant on the case take up two expansion slots. Whether this is a Pro or a Con is really down to personal choice but we see it as a plus because it can give the card that little extra breathing room to help keep it cool and running smoothly.

Not that it particularly needs any help in that area, it is cooled by twin 8omm fans which can double airflow, and it also has copper heat pipes which running directly along the GPU to accelerate heat dissipation. Technical talk aside this is not going to be one of those graphics cards you could cook your dinner on.

Ok i hear you, i don’t care about the temprature i want to know how powerful this thing is. Well in a nutshell, pretty powerful.
Out of the box is comes pre-overclocked at 830MHz however it is relitivly easy to take this a step further at start to creep closer to 1GHz on the Core and 2GHz on the shader.

Thats means the GeForce 560 ti packs some serious power, but if you find your still craving more (why?) then buy two GeForce 560 ti’s and sli them together for unimaginable perfomance.

Just how to quantify what sort of power you can get can be difficult however, in tests we ran Crysis GPU Benchmark and the GeForce 560 ti averaged 35-45fps in Full HD. Which i am sure you will agree is pretty impressive.

On the manufacteurers website they talk about how pixel shading changed gaming and then tessellation did it again, but now they are able to produce a variety of effects that were impossible to achieve before, these include:

  • Organic characters with perfectly smooth curves
  • Super fine surface detail such as thorns, nails, and skin aberrations
  • Vast terrain rendering with complex geometric detail
  • Dynamic level of detail with seamless transitions

this is all very well but does this stuff actually work?

Catagorically yes…

The level of detail the GeForce 560ti produces is stunning and provided the rest of your pc is up to spec your going to be seeing everything the game developers intended you to in eye popping detail.

Some Techy stuff regarding the GeForce 560 ti…

  • “Super Allow Power Technology” which gives an added boost in performance through critical power delivery, this can be up to 15%.
  • It has 384 CUDA cores.
  • Comes overclocked to 830MHz but can be pushed to 1GHz.
  • Exceptional performance with DirectX 11 Games
  • Improved pixel shading and Tessellation

Final Thoughts on the GeForce 560 ti…

In todays ever changing gaming environment there will always be something new which really tests the perfomance of your computer. It can be an expensive hobby to stay up to date and play all the latest games on decent settings so you can fully appreciate them, and for this reason we see the GeForce GTX 560 ti is a step in the right direction.

The GeForce 560 ti is offering you all the benefits of a card twice is price but at a fraction of the cost, and to be honest it’s a price that even most cash-strapped student should be able to afford.

There are other graphics cards on the market in this price range, but you will be hard pushed to find one that can compete with this.

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