External HDD's can they make your life easier and what are the differences between them?

Today we are taking a look at the Western Digital My Passport 2TB external HDD.

In the age of information that we live in now, data has become more and more important and thus storage of that data has become paramount.

Due to all the personal information, family and holiday photos and libraries of music that we all accumulate we find ourselves either running out of room on the PC, laptop, or making a backup after backup of them on CDs or flash drives.

Many people have already found how useful external hard drives can be, a use them backup up everything they have in one place.

In the “old days” external hard drives we big chunky aluminium bricks which you carted around with you in a backpack or large shopping bag, complete with USB cables and power adapters. If other people memories are anything like ours these things took an age to warm up before you could actually use them and as they aged would drop the connection to the pc constantly.

Well thankfully we now live in a time when an external HDD can be something small enough to fit into your pocket, it has a monstrous capacity and doesn’t require a power adapter because it can take all its power from the USB.

Enter the Western Digital My Passport 2TB External HDD…

Let’s get right to business on this one, as you can tell by the title, this HDD has a capacity of 2tb (terabytes) which for those of you, not computer savvy that is equal to 2000 gigabytes, or 2,000,000 megabytes. To put that into context a 3-minute song in mp3 format would usually be about 3 megabytes. Therefore, in theory, you could fit 666,666 songs on the western digital my passport drive.

2 terabytes is a lot of storage space and we look at it like this:

If your home computer has a hard drive between 250gb – 1tb then you can back the whole drive up to the western digital my passport drive and still have as much room left again or more. You can literally back up everything you own just in case.

This seems like plenty of space and in the foreseeable future, you won’t need much more.


When buying a Western Digital My Passport drive you have a few options to pick from, firstly the capacity, in this review we are focussing on the 2tb version, however, it is also available in160gb, 250gb, 320gb, 500gb, 750gb, and 1tb formats.

Next, you have the option of colour. There is quite a selection here which includes: White, Silver, Black, Blue and Red!

Automatic Backup…

This little feature is something we find very useful, the Western Digital My Passport drive ships with an “Automatic Continuous Backup System” which essentially means that it will run in the background whilst you have the western digital my passport drive connected to your computer and it will automatically back your data up for you. This happens instantly and doesn’t interfere with what you are doing at the time.

How many time have you had something go wrong as you have lost something and you think to yourself, I wish I had backup everything up before this happened!

More than you would care to remember I’m sure. This is something that can take human error out of the equation entirely.


The Western Digital My Passport HDD is bang up to date with the latest technology both inside an out and boasts a USB 3.0 interface, USB 3.0 is the latest upgrade in connections ports, USB 1 was followed by USB 2.0 which offered transfer rates up to 40x faster than it’s predecessor, USB 3.0 now offers speeds up to 3x faster than that. Which means that you can send huge files to and from the western digital HDD in the blink of an eye, something which until now you would have ended up sitting and watching for 20 minutes.

However, not everybody has a computer geared up to deal with USB 3.0, but never fear, western digital have built the HDD with you in mind and offer dual interfaces with USB 2.0 to create universal comparability.

We think this is a particularly nice addition because it’s great having a fast drive which can store tonnes of data but if you take it with you somewhere and find you can’t access the data at the other end then it’s all for nothing. You will never have this problem with the western digital my passport drive.


Something often overlooked in data storage devices is privacy and protection, in many cases an external HDD such as the western digital my passport will be used by people who store a lot of sensitive/private data on them. If for example, the drive were to be misplaced on a journey, this data could fall into somebody else’s hands quite easily. However the Western Digital My Passport has built-in password protection and encryption.

This means that any prying eyes attempting to access your data will be left disappointed when they are unable to access anything at all.

Although this is a small feature it is something which really sets the Western Digital My Passport HDD apart from its competition.

Last but not least…

For all you eco-warriors out there, you can rest easy when purchasing the Western Digital My Passport because it is made from recycled materials and also has been designed to minimise any wastage during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore Western Digital actually suggests that you recycling the drive when you decide to stop using it in the future.

It is really refreshing seeing such a large company such as western digital take a moral standpoint on something as important as wastage and recycling.

Further information on Western Digital as a company…

Over the past 20 years, Western Digital has made a name for itself as one of the largest most trusted manufacturers of data storage devices. They have built their brand not only around building high-quality products but also keeping the data you store on them safely.

In our experience if you are buying western digital products you know it is going to be top quality and even if it does work out to be more expensive than a competitor it is often worth paying the extra money for peace of mind that your precious data is safe as houses.

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