The fastest, most efficient processor to date?


Intel i7 920 Quad Core Processor – 2.66 GHz – The fastest processor to date?



A quick look at the pro's and con's of the new Intel i7 920 Quad Core Processor and finding out if you should buy it and why?

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The Intel i7 920 Quad core Processor

intel i7 920 quad core processor fastest computer hardware processor

Power, Speed and Efficiency…

What is the Intel i7 920? Most likely at some point whether you are a computer “nerd” or not you will have heard the terms i3, i5 or i7 processors being thrown around. Intel advertise them on the TV, people talk about them and there is generally a big buzz about them. But what are they are why should you care?

Well the intel “i” range of processor are the latest family of processors to grace the market, they are what have been labelled “smart” processors, and without getting in to, too much detail they can assign more processing power to certain tasks when needed without your input to allow smooth and easy use. It can literally boost your performance by adapting to you the user. This is called Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.

The family is broken up into three catergories, i3 (entry level), i5 (mainstream users) and i7 (high-end performance), rather than the number relating to the number of cores or the power of the processor as it would be traditionally it now refers to a 5 star rating system intel use to grade their processors.

Essentially i3 processor will best suit user who user their computers and laptops for spread-sheets, databases, e-mails etc, i5 will suit the vast makority of user who may want to edit their photographs, and movie clips and play most games without too much trouble, and i7 is for the extreme user who wants to batter their system with heavy useage and needs maximum data processing.

Bet you can guess where about the Intel i7 920 fits in to the processor range now can’t you?


Interesting features…

Each processor including the Intel i7 920 now has whats called Quick Sync Videobuilt in, which can integrate video conversion hardware into the processor so you can edit, burn and share your videos faster than ever before, admittedly this is a feature not all users will user regularly but the growth of youtube and other video sharing websites on the web in recent years, more and more people are creating their own video clip and films, this could be something you really find useful. Nobody wants to sit infront of a laoding bar for hours on end waiting to see a video you made only to find out you missed something out or mispelled one of the captions. You want it now!Another useful feature included in the Intel i7 920 is that the processor actually processes the graphics and media on the chip. This allows very demanding games to have their loads spread out more over not only the graphics card but the processor as well resulting in (according to Intel) up to a 3x performance boost over previous versions of Intel HD graphics.You now have the peace of mind that for the foreseeable future your processor is going to be more than capable of handling anything any games can throw at it. 

Finally and perhaps most importantly the Hyper-Threading Technology the “i” series processor have is amazing. It allows each processor core to work on multiple tasks similtaniously, meaning you can have up to 8-way multitasking with the Intel i7 920, this makes running multiple programs at the same times smoother, faster and easier than ever before


The Intel i7 920 specifically…

All intel processor are good, we know that, that’s why they have been around so long, so what makes the i7 920 great…?

Well it is the top of the range, daddy of processors at the moment. Out of the box it runs at 2.66GHz (x4) which in it’s own right is massive, but with hardly any effort this can be increased to 3.44GHz (x4).

Combine this with the cutting edge technology in the chip you have yourself more processing power than your every likely to need.

And when has too much ever been a bad thing?


Final Thoughts on the Intel i7 920…

If you want top performance and you can afford to get the Intel i7 920, do it simple as.

You will not be dissapointed.




Conclusion Rating
Basically if you want extreme performance, this is for you, and if 2.66ghz isn't enough a child could overclock it.
5 stars

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